Web & Mobile Development

Developing technological solutions for promoting business success in an innovative world
Abra develops advanced digital solutions for companies and organizations in all industries and sectors, from enterprises and conglomerates to startup companies that are evolving at an unprecedented pace. Our customers benefit from our vast experience, up-to-date technological knowledge, and customer service that exceeds expectations.
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Services and Technologies

abra are experts at providing end-to-end
development services, from design, through production, to launch. Our teams build smart processes, ensure maximum agility, and maintain ongoing discourse with customers – laying the foundation for identifying our customers’ business needs, resolving issues, and streamlining the development process.
Whether you require the development of an app, complex system, or dedicated software program, customer satisfaction is the core parameter that makes all the difference.
Our Expertise
Application Development

We are experts in developing hybrid and native applications using a variety of technologies. At abra, we place great emphasis on functionality, visibility, and performance – to create the ideal user experience (UX).

Abra’s teams develop flexible applications that run on all mobile operating systems. Our expertise includes Flutter and React Native, platforms that enable hybrid applications for all operating systems, such as Web iOS, Android, and others.

UX/UI Designs

Whether it is an application, software, or system you require, our studio will analyze your needs, characterize relevant target audiences, and draw a functional outline that will lead to success.

System Development for Organizations

Each organization and its system. We develop inter-organizational web systems, command and control systems, and portals for all types of organizations and for any purpose

Custom Software Development

Companies often require dedicated software programs, with functions and interfaces that fit their unique DNA. This is where the skilled abra development teams come into the picture.

Digital Transformation

We develop digital products and processes, to replace redundant and inefficient practices. In doing so, we help organizations express their values of innovation, while ensuring financial efficiency.

Specifications and System Design

Along with our strong development capabilities, we assist the market’s leading organizations in specifying their exact needs and implementing architecture that increases user engagement.


The abra development teams specialize in interface development using React, a code library for rapid front-end development for advanced web applications, such as responsive Internet websites and innovative apps. Developed by Facebook, this library provides high-quality infrastructure for creating user-friendly, simple-to-use interfaces, providing potential and existing customers with an optimal user experience.

Frontend Development

The highly skilled abra teams are experts at developing applications using Angular / React / VUE.js. Utilizing the most innovative technologies, we develop web and mobile applications for organizations and entrepreneurs from a large range of fields. By creating coherent interfaces, we ensure a positive and empowering user experience.

Backend Development

Developing interfaces and applications using Python / Node.js programming languages, which are considered the most advanced tools for backend development. Abra makes great efforts to implement the best server-side development methodologies, allocating the most skilled developers in the industry for each project. What is the result, you may ask? That’s simple: applications that deliver outstanding performance combined with optimal flexibility.