Unified Communications

An End-to-End UCaaS Solution based on Microsoft Teams simplifies communication by providing a unified platform for making calls from any device, anywhere. The solution offers reliable, secure, and feature-rich calling with streamlined management, allowing businesses to concentrate on their primary operations while we provide seamless and productive communication.
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abra specializes in unified communications, with a particular focus on Microsoft Teams solutions. As an expert in UCaaS, abra offers businesses a unified platform for making calls from any device, anywhere.
Our Expertise
Teams Voice As a Service

With 15 years of experience working on global voice projects, abra’s managed services for Microsoft Teams offer a seamless communication experience by enabling reliable, secure, and feature-rich calling from any location and device, including support for global numbers and international calls. Whether you’re using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, abra’s managed services provide the flexibility you need to communicate effectively from any location.

Smooth migration & Onboarding

At abra, we offer a smooth migration and onboarding process for our UCaaS solutions, whether you’re moving from on-premise or cloud-based solutions to managed services. We follow a clear methodology for our onboarding process to ensure it meets your expectations. Our goal is to make your transition to our UCaaS solutions as smooth and easy as possible.

Hub for chat, video calls, phone calls

Microsoft Teams offer a hub for chat, video calls, and phone calls, boosting team productivity by providing a complete and integrated communication solution. With real-time communication and collaboration, businesses can be more engaged and efficient, regardless of their location.

Teams meeting rooms

Improve meeting productivity with a package that provides a rich and collaborative Teams meeting experience that’s simple to use, deploy, and manage. Make sure everyone can see, hear, and participate from anywhere.

Phone System & Devices

Take and make calls from devices certified for use with Teams, including intuitive screens and controls to enhance the Teams calling experience.

Reporting & Analytics

Get real-time analytics and reporting about call volumes, inquiries, and workload for your hotlines or contact center.

Add-ons & Integrations

abra offers a variety of add-ons and integrations to its UCaaS solutions, including integration with popular CRMs like Dynamics and Salesforce, and recording add-ons that connect easily to compliance recording solutions. abra’s UCaaS solutions are also designed to work well with popular contact center software, providing businesses with a complete and integrated communication solution.

Support 24/7

abra’s managed services for Microsoft Teams offer round-the-clock support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.