Strategy Realization

After investing in building their organizational strategy, companies often have difficulty executing it and making it accessible to the employees who are at the forefront of the business and who meet with the clients. A feeling of disconnect may occur between the strategic plan and day-to-day operations, affecting the managing and executing of the organization’s goals and projects. In many cases, the strategy is defined solely by the senior management, without putting follow-up processes in place to ensure the actual implementation of the strategy. abra has unique methods for translating strategies into organizational and business goals, in a value-oriented and measurable manner.
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About our Solutions

Strategy realization solutions are implemented in
a large range of organizations in various sectors of the Israeli market, enabling effective strategy realization while improving delivery in all fields.
All solutions are delivered by a highly experienced, professional consultancy team from a range of disciplines.
Our Expertise
Comprehensive Project Management Services

abra provides extensive consultancy services for comprehensive project management in a large range of industries, including hi-tech, IT, security and aviation, banking and finance, telecom, health, and infrastructure.
We believe that projects serve the organization’s strategies and work to maximize their value.

Agile Transformation

We offer organizational solutions suited to the customer. We look beyond the R&D’s implementation, providing an organizational envelope for enabling change and for enhancing its success.
We specialize in business agility, agile planning processes and budget building, agile project management, management workshops, communications, and change management.
We believe that the right way is the agile way. That is why our implementation is in line with the organization’s actual needs, to ensure a stable work method that will serve the organization and enable it to achieve its goals.
We have a highly experienced team of experts, and together we can:
• Decrease development time
• Achieve quality products
• Respond quickly to changes
• Ensure cooperation with the various organizational divisions
• Enable transparency and standardized work processes
• Work with advanced tools while promoting automation
• Work with real time snapshots for all stakeholders
• Frequently provide customers with added value

Implementing Jira and Atlassian Tools

abra specializes in applying and integrating Jira and Atlassian tools for realizing the Application Life Management (ALM) concept, from R&D and DevOps teams to senior management. We are value-oriented, combining technological implementation with end-to-end processes, as a means for achieving organizational goals. The process begins with business goals, through R&D tasks, to roadmap management, while creating a transparent and uniform language, concept, and prioritization for all levels. We ensure that the developed tools provide necessary transparency, contribute to identifying bottlenecks, and provide the teams with a thorough understanding of their tasks and goals. Using these tools, we create KPIs per team and project that reflect their progress and help achieve ongoing success.

Integrating is one of the most advanced solutions for managing processes and strategies within and outside the organization. Simply put, it offers visuality and efficiency. The abra team of experts is at your service. We would be happy to accurately define your business needs and required processes, while maximizing the platform’s efficiency for your organization.

Implementing PPM Tools

Many organizations implement project portfolio management (PPM) tools as a means for achieving comprehensive snapshots, yet these do not always offer real added value to those who are actually conducting the work.
abra specializes in applying and implementing PPM solutions that are based on modern architecture, including Azure DevOps, Jira, and, combined with unique project intelligence (PI) dashboards.
Working with abra means that all stakeholders receive snapshots of a relevant resolution for their specific needs, using convenient and suitable tools.
We will create a solution for you that includes 4 aspects:
1. Language and processes – defining business processes and understanding existing work methods, from Waterfall to Agile, as well as hybrid management
2. Technology and architecture – building architecture that suits the organization’s specific needs and supports integration with additional systems
3. Indicators and measurements – implementing BI capabilities for reaching business insights based on project data, while developing suitable call-for-action indicators
4. Implementation and support – managing the change in a methodical and oriented manner, using advanced implementation techniques, such as gamification, to improve chances of success

Strategy Realization Office

Many companies have a project management organization (PMO) and/or outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) unit. abra specializes in setting up, supporting, and upgrading these units to the Strategy Realization Office (SRO) model.
SRO focuses on monitoring the realization of the organization’s strategy through planning and prioritization processes, ensuring the portfolio is managed and realized in line with the organization’s business strategy and goals.
By using agile monitoring and controlling processes that address changing conditions and needs, the SRO mediates between immediate business goals and strategy realization via long-term projects.
abra are experts at:
• Defining the SRO’s areas of responsibility and integrating them into the organizational and functional structure
• Building SRO work processes and integrating them with stakeholders in the organization
• Determining goals for realizing the company’s strategy and defining call-for-action indicators
• Building a strategy-oriented communications plan, business goals, and annual work plans
• Setting up the SRO – from concept to execution
• Training and mentoring during the set-up stage and assisting with implementing the change process

Case Study

abra provides a variety of technological solutions and creates a dedicated solution for each company according to its needs