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From Specs to Implementation – From Financial Management to Logistics
Precise, optimal adaptation of the organization’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system from the worlds’ leading brand – to take your business to new heights.
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About the Solutions

abra applies and implements ERP systems created
by leading manufacturers who are our business partners, including: Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Priority, and Oracle.

The abra ERP team lives and breathes ERP systems and has vast experience in most segments in the industry, as well as in-depth familiarity with production processes, procurement, supply chains, distribution, and so much more.

At abra, our aim is to provide customers with the solution that most accurately suits their organizational activities.
Our Expertise
ERP Project Management

abra enables you to achieve your ERP project’s strategic business goals. Each ERP project is supported by a highly skilled project manager, from implementation, through going live, to ongoing support and customer service. Our aim is to allow our customers to achieve new objectives by ensuring optimal management of projects, progress follow ups, budgets, and schedules.

Consultancy, Application, and Implementation

As part of the ERP implementation process, abra’s ERP team provides customers with business consultancy services and support, with an emphasis on successful implementation and correct use of the chosen system. During the consultancy stage, abra places great emphasis on providing recommendations for achieving business goals, optimally benefiting from the new ERP system, and leveraging work methods. At the end of the implementation process, the abra experts continue to provide customers with support and services, to ensure ongoing improvements in line with the company’s evolving business activities.

Training and Instruction

abra's training and implementation team conducts comprehensive training for the organization’s users. The project manager builds a training program that optimally addresses the customer’s organizational needs, to provide effective Train the Trainer Instruction (TTI) for all functional users. In addition, abra offers a range of unique training courses for training different teams within the customer’s organization.

Data Migration

The abra ERP team is highly skilled and experienced in data migration processes and in assisting customer when moving their historical data from old systems to the new one. To improve process efficiency, we employ unique methods for conducting data migration – ensuring a fast and successful process – as well as for mapping data files in a methodical and controlled process, deciphering and transferring financial actions, orders, and more.

Support and Service Center

As a leading service company who places its customers’ business activities in the center, we have created a professional customer support and service center comprised of application experts who provide fast, professional, and courteous service for abra customers.

Case Study

abra provides customers with a large range of technological solutions that are tailored to their exact needs