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Even in the field of e-commerce, abra combines between creativity, innovation, and tailored technological solutions. abra implements agile work methods and employs a lean startup concept that enables optimal agility, fast real time decision making, and seamless work without delays.
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About the Solutions

When the customer experience becomes the
company’s main challenge, abra is proud to be a partner to this challenge, creating a new strategy for the stores. Our teams of experts will support you from building the digital business strategy to improving the user experience (UX/UI). The abra teams are expert in providing solutions for the e-commerce arena, developed in the Magento environment, with a team of certified Magento experts. We are highly experienced in working with all industries and sectors, and have proven ability to design and develop e-commerce websites that make a difference.
Our Expertise
Developing e-commerce websites and systems

Now more than ever, the world of e-commerce holds a central place in companies and organizations, becoming a significant and necessary component in most business activities. Many B2B companies, as well as traditional industrial organizations, realize the importance of creating a digital process, turning B2B into B2B2C. abra has a unique R&D team that applies the innovative Agile method, for delivering fast software development solutions that lead to optimal results with minimum costs.

Technological Specifications

abra is a leader in defining technological specifications for e-commerce stores, and offers customers a team of experts in Israel. abra is committed to your projects’ success and provides a unique work method, including a dedicated board of senior e-commerce experts and professional representatives from all relevant worlds of content – all of whom work closely with your teams.


With our expertise in the field of e-commerce and our proven ability to accurately consolidate the customer journey, the user experience (UX) will be optimal. During the specification process, the abra team places great emphasis on creating a unique and successful customer journey that encompasses a look&feel that that suits your target audience. This encourages potential users to purchase products online quickly and simply – turning your e-commerce store into a profitable business.

Integration Experts

At abra, we have vast experience developing interfaces for BI, MA, CRM, and ERP operational systems – to name just a few. First and foremost, each project begins with the clear understanding of our customers’ business needs and opportunities. Our aim is to ensure that all organizational interfaces will be connected with one another, enabling efficient business processes and greatly improving company efficacy. Our vast business experience and our IT skills enable us to create interfaces between all advanced technological core systems – to maximize your website performance.

IoT Direct Sales Solutions

In addition to e-commerce solutions, abra provides a unique solution in the field of IoT and its connection to e-commerce systems. We have vast experience in communication technologies and in developing direct sales solutions in the form of IoT.

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