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For efficient and relevant interactions with your customers
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions enable optimal efficacy and connected data. The past few years have seen CRM systems become an inseparable part of organizations, in all fields, sectors, and industries. Implemented systems ensure effective sales and marketing services, as they are integrated with other organizational systems that are already up and running. Doing so also means first-class security. CRM systems allow our customers to provide their customers with professional services, based on reliable process documentation and a system that is specifically suited to their needs.
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About the Solutions

abra are experts as providing consultancy, R&D,
and implementation solutions for CRM systems creating by leaders in the field, and our partners, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, and Dynamics. The systems are suited to each customer according to the organization’s business activities and needs – current and future. The abra team strives to deliver effective sales processes, ongoing customer relations, and exceptional customer service, as the key to your business success. abra invests time and effort in understanding your business goals and is partner throughout your journey. Combining experience and solutions to help your business grow and evolve!
Our Expertise
System Specifications

The abra CRM team starts by defining needs, based on the customer’s ongoing business activities. We then choose a system that will help you improve the organization’s work efficiency, enabling you to organize all data in one place, while providing your customers and employees with an optimal solution. During the specification phase, we place great emphasis on enhancing sales, interdepartmental communications, and task management. Save time and enjoy comprehensive integration between all organizational systems.

Cross-Organizational Implementation

After defining and characterizing the system, and adapting it to the customer’s business activities, the abra team will implement the system throughout the organization – to suit the various departments and units. We will also set up the CRM system’s infrastructure and design, including manually inputting the data, or through migration from previous systems.

Process Automation

To improve work processes and procedures in the organization, we will create boards and templates that will allow you to work quickly and efficiently. For example, creating documents through readymade, automatic templates. Our CRM team will also examine a range of features and add-ons to upgrade the user experience.

Instruction and Training

In addition to implementing the system, abra will provide training and instruction for all teams – to provide them with a “soft landing” and enable to make the most of the company’s new CRM system.

Ongoing Support

We may have completed the implementation, but that is not the end of the process. In fact, it’s just the beginning. The abra team of consultants will continue to be there for you, long after the launch. They will keep an eye on the environment, while finding new ways for improving different aspects of the system. abra also provides customers with a support system, available to deal with any fault that may occur.

Case Study

abra provides customers with a large range of technological solutions that are tailored to their exact needs