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Our Story

abra was founded in 2020 with the vision of leading the field of information technology (IT) in Israel. abra specializes in the application of advanced systems and offers a large range of up-to-date technologies for numerous industries around the globe. The company’s solutions are suited to todays’ business trends, improve work methods, and enable organizations to achieve their business goals.

The word “abra” means to create. Indeed, our goal is to create and implement cutting-edge, growth-oriented technologies. Our solutions are in line with our customers’ present and future technological needs. abra serves as a stable anchor in various technological branches, especially BI/AI, ERP, CRM, Web & Mobile, R&D Solutions, Cyber Security, e-Commerce, Cloud & Infrastructure, Strategy Realization and more.

Our activities, which have led to a new type of discourse in the business arena, are suited to our customers’ dynamic needs, as they strive to reach new technological heights. abra also believes in long-term partnerships, creating strong business ties based on trust and professional, personal service. The abra DNA is based on people, processes, and technologies.


abra has exceptional human capital with more than 1000 experts from different fields of technology, including IT experts, cyber specialists, implementors, integrators, architects, data experts, developers, and analysts. With vast experience in their field, our teams are true partners, setting the technological and professional bar high. abra stays relevant and continues to invest in its teams’ professional development.


abra employs unique methodologies for providing customers with end-to-end, versatile solutions. The company’s teams assist customers at all stages, from defining business needs, through identifying existing difficulties, to offering specific consultancy services regarding the most relevant and advanced technological solutions. As part of the process, abra implements the solution within the organization, performs comprehensive integration for all existing systems, offers trainings for effective implementation, and maintains a professional support system.


abra aims high and stays up to date on the latest trends and innovations in the world of technology, to provide its customers with a range of solutions from around the world, combined with business creativity, novelty, and relevance. The company strives to become a technological partner, enabling organizations to benefit from a range of advanced solutions tailored to the company’s business DNA while achieving their technological goals.


Each process and its tailormade technological solution 

Our Solutions
Web & Mobile development
abra develops web systems, platforms, and applications on a range of innovative development interfaces
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abra makes huge efforts to ensure your company is run efficiently, by implementing CRM systems developed by world leaders
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When user experience is your greatest challenge, abra is proud to be your partner, creating a new strategy for your e-commerce stores
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R&D Solutions
abra leads in software development through the use of innovative technologies and the democratization of open source
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Cyber Consulting
abra specializes in the entire spectrum of consulting services in the fields of information security and cyber
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Optimal ERP systems for your organization, including definitions and implementation, so you can reach new heights
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Strategy realization
Result-focused solutions for developing project management tools, data security solutions, and BI/software solutions
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Cloud Solutions
abra specializes in characterizing, setting up and implementing an enterprise cloud environment on the Microsoft and Amazon cloud platforms
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Business Intelligence (BI)
With abra BI solutions, your organization will stay one step ahead of the competition
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