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Commerce and Retail

Advanced Solutions for Commerce and Retail

abra offers cutting-edge solutions in the field of information systems for the retail sector, as we strive to resolve business challenges through innovative information technologies. Our teams deliver dedicated solutions from the fields of IT and information technology, cyber solutions, CRM, and BI solutions – to specifically suit our customers’ needs and timeframes.

Technology Tailored to Dynamic Organizations

The fast paced, dynamic, and evolving retail industry requires players to constantly redefine themselves by developing work methods and technologies that improve the customer journey and user experience and that deliver end-to-end services. The abra teams are here to make this happen.

Addressing all Technological Aspects

Thanks to the vast experience and knowhow acquired by abra teams, our customers from the retail sector are able to overcome business challenges, from logistical-technological solutions, through supply chain management and big data, to software development and AI/BI solutions – to enable simple data collection and insights that enhance and improve revenues. The company has a range of solutions for all branches of the commerce and retail industries, including food businesses, logistics, consumer products, and real estate.

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