Success Story: Wallter AWS ramp-up

Wallter, an EMI specializing in cross-border payments, partnered with abra to modernize their outdated technologies, address security concerns, and optimize costs. By leveraging AWS cloud services and abra’s expertise, Wallter reduced system issues, improved security compliance, and gained complete control of cloud costs.

The Challenge
Wallter faced challenges with outdated technologies, security issues, and escalating costs. As a company focused on B2B transactions, Wallter needed to stabilize its current architecture and improve system stability to meet regulatory requirements. In addition, Wallter wanted to modernize its current stack to expand their service with speed and quality.

Wallter approached abra, a leading cloud consulting company, for assistance.

Collaborating with Wallter’s R&D, abra devised a comprehensive plan to address three focus areas:

abra’s team first used AWS’s Well architected framework to evaluate and mitigate any imminent security issues that may put the business at risk.
Additionally, abra’s team implemented AWS SSO to allow safe and secure employee access to AWS accounts.

Leveraging of AWS services
To increase product stability and effectiveness, abra’s team assisted Wallter in adopting ECS for containerization and scalability, CloudWatch for monitoring and alerting, RDS for managed database services, and Amazon MQ for secure and scalable message broker services.

Cost optimization
Using AWS Cost Explorer and Trusted Advisor, abra’s team reviewed the current Wallter usage and spending and concluded a cost optimization strategy that saves thousands off the current spend.

The results were evident. System stability has dramatically improved with a significant reduction in system issues. Wallter’s security posture was enhanced to meet regulatory requirements, ensuring that customer data was protected and compliant. Primary product flows experienced enhanced improvement thanks to the adoption of AWS native services and changes in architecture. This allowed Wallter to focus on expanding their business opportunities.

Additionally, our team’s expertise in optimizing cloud costs allowed Wallter to gain full control of its overall cloud expenses. By leveraging EC2 Reserved Instances and other cost-saving measures, Wallter achieved cost-effective solutions without compromising on performance and reliability.

We are extremely grateful to abra for their expertise and support in modernizing our architecture and optimizing our cloud operations. Our systems are now stable, secure, and cost-effective, enabling us to provide seamless cross-border payment solutions and stay ahead of the competition. abra truly understands our business needs and has been an invaluable partner in our journey towards success.” – Eyal Regev, VP R&D, Wallter

The banking and payments space is rapidly becoming highly competitive, with the cloud acting as a differentiator between winners and losers. We at abra Cloud Solutions provide customers with the right solutions and methodologies that will allow them to win in this challenging market.
Focusing on speed and cost-effectiveness, we are pleased to provide Wallter with meaningful services and features leveraged by AWS’s powerful platform.
Wallter, with its unique positioning and product, has the potential to succeed, and we see their success as ours.” – Eyal Stoler, CTO, abra Cloud Solutions.