January 19, 2023
Success Story: The Lubinski Group and the ERP and CRM project

The Lubinski Group, one of the largest car importers in the country, deals in the sales of vehicles and operating garages. It employs about 1,000 workers and has an annual sales turnover of hundreds of millions of NIS.

Project Objectives:

An ERP and CRM implementation project based on the Microsoft Dynamics system that also included the implementation of a WMS system for hundreds of users and garages across Israel. The project entailed the implementing sales processes, managing leads and opportunities, receipt of orders for vehicles, car deliveries, and accounting. The customer sought a provider who could gather and distribute thousands of items to dozens of garages throughout the country, within a very short period of time (just two hours) from the time the order is received.

The Work Process:

Before embarking on the project, abra prepared frameworks for estimates, budgets, milestones, and schedules for implementation. We also prepared SOW documents, specifications documents, and plans for improving and converting data, as well as test plans and training programs.

We prepared detailed work plans for each stage of the project, which were examined on a weekly basis and updated as needed.

A cut-over plan was devised for the launch and post-launch support.

In preparation for the WMS project launch, more than 30 simulations were planned and performed on the new logistical center website. The implementation of the system included:

  • Financial system.
  • Pricing system.
  • Inventory planning and scheduling system that includes interfaces with the SO99 procurement, including an extended import module.
  • Inventory and warehouses.
  • Managing work orders for preparing kits.
  • Extended WMS
  • BI

Value for the Customer:

As part of the project, detailed work plans were prepared for each stage and were examined every week and updated as need. We also prepared a detailed plan for transferring the logistics center (covering millions of items) to the Me’uyan Sorek site. The development, testing, and simulations were completed prior to this date. The project was successfully launched. The WMS operating date was completed within the planned timeframe, the system met the collection and distribution goals, and was improved by hundreds of percent in relation to the collection outputs prior to operating the system.