June 4, 2023
Ceragon’s Transition to the Cloud and to Working with Microsoft Teams

Ceragon Networks provide innovative 5G wireless transport solutions, including wireless backhaul and fronthaul solutions. The company delivers a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end services that are AI-based for more than 800 private networks and 400 service providers around the globe.

The customer’s business challenges:

Ceragon wanted to update its data center, which was relatively dated, to create an innovative solution that suits their new needs and that can withstand cyber threats and security breaches. Understandably, the company wanted the best cyber solution without any compromises.

The company also wanted to transition to the cloud in the best possible manner. So they approached abra.

abra’s solution:

abra provided Ceragon with a comprehensive solution that entailed the transition to a multi-cloud environment, rather than being dependent on one single cloud. The company chose the SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS method:

Everything that can be implemented as SaaS, such as Office 365, will be there. Everything that can be built in a cloud, such as Azure, will be in PaaS. And everything else will be in IaaS.

This enabled huge financial savings for Ceragon, in addition to receiving a comprehensive solution that abra tailored to their exact needs. The solution is especially advantageous for employees, who can now work from home without this affecting the company’s business.

The solutions’ main advantages:

  • Protected from cyber threats
  • Suited to working from home, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Savings on hardware
  • Savings on end equipment such as phones
  • Savings on phone call costs

Guy Toibin, CIO of Ceragon Networks, explains: “We chose abra to lead us through the cloud-transition journey and we don’t regret it for a moment. We moved to new offices, a seamless and cost-saving transition, yet a huge headache. But we were able to continue all of our business even when 450 employees moved out of their old offices and into their new ones. It was as if nothing had happened. In addition, when the pandemic hit, most of the company’s solutions were already on the cloud, enabling the employees to work from home without this affecting any of our business activities.”

abra was a true partner to Ceragon, and together, we implemented precise solutions and turned the company’s vision into reality.